Welcome to our Kids Castle Learning  Center!
We offer day care, where your children will learn and develop fantasizing based training programs recognized in the United States and Europe
Teachers and parents interacting with each Other in training and education using our programs for children and their families achieve good results.
Most importantly, we are investing in training that goes on outside the classroom. We grow with our children and our families, and constantly develop its curriculum to create a solid foundation for lifelong learning journey of your child.
Our program offers a two-way English-Russian bilingual immersion and aims, biliteracy and cross-cultural competence.
We use a thematic approach to get children involved in exciting practical projects which help them learn about the world around them. Our pre-school education is a qualified supplier “Kinder-music” program and music licensing program makes a commitment to include music as an integral part of our core curriculum. Regular field trips and local excursions to keep the children in connection with the community.
We hope that you and your kids will have fun and enjoy the program as much as we do!