Parent/Child Handbook

Hours of operation:       

  My Childcare Program is open from 7:00am-7:00pm, Monday-Friday

Enrollment Procedures:

 Enrollment/Registration Fee of $50.00 is due at time of interview sitting. This fee is for required paperwork to be completed for your child and any supplies that may be needed before enrollment. This fee is non-refundable.

The Deposit equal to $_________(weekly payment) shall be made upon the child registration.

The following forms must be completed prior to first day of care:

       1. Emergency Contact form (reviewed and updated every 6 mos.)

       2.Fee agreements (reviewed and updated every 6 mos.)

       3.Health Assessments

       4.Incident Reports

       5.Child Service Report  (reviewed and updated every 6 mos.)

Care maybe terminated with two (2) weeks written notice after a 2 week trial period.Payment for two weeks will be accepted in lieu notice. Payment by parent/guardian is due for the notice period, whether or not the child(ren) is brought to provider for care.Two weeks  notice should  Agree Be considered the minimum, I would appreciate the sharing of your long-term plans so that I can prepare for the open space/loss of income. In cases of non-payment, legal actions may be taken and the parents will pay all legal fees incurred.

I will also give at least two weeks notice if the child is to be terminated from my care. I retain the right to terminate this contract  WITHOUT NOTICE in the event of destructive,uncontrollable, or violent behavior, or in the case of delinquent fees.

Vacation and Absences:

You can take (2) one-week vacations during the year, which one will be paid for 50% and the other one will be paid in full price. You have to notify you at least 2-4 weeks in advance of the dates of those vacations.

My Childcare program will be closed on the following holidays:

Christmas Day, New Year's Day, Memorial Day, the 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day.  If any holiday falls on a Saturday  I will be closed on Friday, if any holidays falls on a Sunday I will be closed on Monday. Payment will be expected for these days.








Half day,

4-5 hours


Daily Rate































After school ($5 daily transportation included )





Skip whole week






Other Fees:

**Late payment Fee: $10/day that payment is not received. If fees are not paid by  Friday at  pick-up every day following a $10 late fee will be added to your initial payment(INCLUDES: Saturday and Sunday). If not paid by the following Monday (2 days late) $20 will be added to your payment and care will not be given on that Monday w/o payment in hand at drop-off.

Late Pick-up fee:  There will be a charge of $1.00/per child every minute you are late picking up your child(ren) after the normal contracted time. If you call ahead of time and let me know that you will be late this fee maybe  waived or lowered

Returned check Fee: $30 plus the above described LATE fees, plus any additional costs I incur from a returned check. Future payments will be on a “Cash ONLY” basis.

 Payment Schedule: Payment is due weekly @ pick-up on Fridays or on the last day of care for that week. Please make checks out to:  Kids Castle

Receipts:  For tax purposes, a yearly statement will be provided to each family by January 15th. Weekly or monthly receipts will be provided if requested.

Arrival and Departures: Please send your child clean,dressed for the day, and fed( if arriving  after 9:15am). We will be playing and are apt to get dirty, please keep this in mind when you dress your child.

No one other than the parents or designated person will be allowed to pick up your child(ren) without prior arrangement. I must be notified in advance and have written note with the person's name and relationship to the child. I may request a photo ID.

If there is a court order keeping one parent away from the child, I must have a copy of the order on file . Otherwise, I cannot prevent the non-custodial parent from picking up their child.

Open Door Policy: Please feel free the drop in at anytime throughout the day.


Daily schedule:

Depending on the needs of the children, schedule time are flexible and may vary.

7:00 Drop-off/ TV time/Rest time

9:00 Breakfast

9:30 Story time/Literacy Activity (Circle Time)

10:30 Outside Playtime (may vary if weather condition )

11:00 Daily Activities by Schedule (Gym, Art, Music, Dance)

12:00 Lunch


Brush teeth/NAP/Rest time

3:30 PM Snack time

4:00 Craft time or lessons by the age group

5:00 outside playtime or free playing

6:00-7:00 Pick up

TV viewing:

We may have 1-1 1/2 of TV viewing time throughout the day. All viewing  programs will be educational.

Nap time/Rest time: No child will be forced to sleep; however they must remain quiet.Nap Mats and bedding are provided.

 Behavior Management & Discipline:   See Discipline Policy


House Rules:

1- No hitting,biting,pinching,throwing, pushing,hair pulling, or otherwise hurting ourselves or other (keep all feet, hands, and other objects to yourself)

2-No intentionally breaking anything

3-No running,jumping,wrestling,climbing,etc. in the room or on furniture

4-No picking up babies or toddlers

5-No leaving the room or outside boundaries w/o permission

6-No name calling,foul language, or teasing; everyone deserves to be treated with respect

7-All food and drinks shall remain in the kitchen/dining room area


Child Abuse: I am required by law to report any suspected physical,emotional,sexual abuse or neglect.

Meals/Snacks:  All meals and snacks will be provided for your child in accordance with the Child Care Food Program.

You will provide your Formula for your infant  of you prefer.             

Toilet Training: I will be more than happy to help with toilet training your child, however I ask that you begin the training process at home, over a weekend or a vacation, before starting at daycare.

Diaper Changes: Diapers are changed every 2-3 hours or more frequently if required.


Parents are responsible for providing:

*Diapers and wipes

*change of clothes

**sunscreens,Bug spray, fever and cold medications,diaper ointment,teething medications, etc (if needed-must have med. form filled out and signed)



I will have adequate amount of toys available to meet the children's need for fine and gross motor play. Toys may be brought from home ONLY if your child is willing to share the toy and it is understood there is always the possibility of the toy getting lost or broken. I will not be responsible for lost or broken toys!

Water play: I have a sprinkler for  the “HOT Summer” days. I will ask for parents to provide bathing suits and towels for these days.


Property Damage:

Respectful treatment of all property,toys, and furniture is expected. Parents may be asked to pay for any destruction of property that their child causes.

Health Matters:

Please keep in mind I don't allow your child if s/he is sick; I can only care for children with a mild cold-like symptoms (clear runny nose,slight cough, and NO fever).

If your child is displaying a fever greater than 101(F) or symptoms of a communicable disease,s/he cannot be brought to my Child care.If your child becomes ill during the time in my care, you will be asked to come get  your child unless other arrangements are made.

Medical Emergencies:

For minor injuries like bumps or bruises, I will provide  first aide. If the injury is more serious (ie.needs stitches,suspected broken bones,etc.)the parents will be notified immediately.

In  case of a serious accident or sudden illness requiring medical attention, the following procedures are followed:

1)A phone call is made to 911

2)Child's parents (or emergency contacts) are called.


Please make sure that all emergency contact info is up to date and correct,report changes immediately. If you list a cell phone or pager as your main contact, please make sure they are on at all times while child is in my care.



Please be a aware that I do have any pets

Smoking:  There is **NO SMOKING** on the property; inside or out during facility

Photo taking: Documentation of Day Care activities is part of the Loving Hearts Daycare program. In this way we can document our experiences, building of friendships, and some memorable times. Parents will be required to give written permission to photograph your child. Parents will receive any photos that are taken of their child(ren).


I am always open to suggestions and feel communication is very important part of this business. If there are any problems or concerns, I encourage you to talk to me about it. If a lengthy conference is needed, a time that is convenient to both of us will be scheduled, as the other children still need my attention during normal business hours. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you and to be part of your child's life. I look forward to the future!

I also retain the right to add to this Handbook as needed, if something comes up!

Thanks again-

Kids Castle Learning Center

Irina Tyutyunnikova


Signature-Operator_______________________________ Date_____________


or Guardian           _______________________________ Date_____________